A special-population recruitment-management tool (RMT) for both early- and late-phase clinical trials is being rolled out by US-based contract research organisation (CRO) WCCT Global.

According to WCCT, it has already used the RMT successfully to screen and randomise a number of special-population studies, including Asian bridging trials and “difficult” asthma studies, as well as ophthalmology and infectious-disease studies.

The tool consists of a proprietary algorithm that combines multiple web technologies, enabling recruiters to target “specific patients needed for any project”, whatever the geographical region or diagnostic category.

This means recruiters “can be centrally located while recruiting nationally”, thus using fewer resources and shortening overall recruitment times, the CRO notes.

Fundamental for success

Recruiting the right participants for a clinical trial is “a fundamental and essential element for success that easily gets overlooked”, WCCT says.

Its “cutting edge” recruitment tool is designed to meet the needs of sponsors with studies “either competitively or non-competitively recruiting in any region of the country”, the CRO adds.