Clinical Researcher of the Year – The Americas celebrates the top clinical researchers in the Americas today and we are delighted to announce this year's winners as follows:

Clinical Research Co-ordinator

Winner: Lydia Frost - LMC | Manna Research

Silver: Amanda Harp - Four Rivers Clinical Research

Bronze: Kimberley Harper - Benchmark Research

New Clinical Research Associate

Winner: Forrest Raynor - Chiltern International

Silver: Andy Rickleman - PRA Health Sciences

Bronze: Brandon Raspberry - PPD

Experienced Clinical Research Associate

Winner: Katherine Lusk - PPD

Silver: Angelo Evans - ICON

Bronze: Kataleeya Stecklair - ICON

Project Manager

Winner: Peter Mascenik - Sarah Cannon Development Innovations

Silver: Madelaine MacKay - PRA Health Sciences

Bronze: Florencia Bernacchia - PRA Health Sciences

Strategic Partnership Team

Winner: BioMarin Pharmaceutical & PRA Health Sciences

Anna Hassinger (BioMarin Pharmaceutical), Ramei Sani-Grosso (BioMarin Pharmaceutical), Jeri Williams (BioMarin Pharmaceutical), Mike Bodmann (PRA Health Sciences), Tony Eckhoff (PRA Health Sciences),Danielle Libero (PRA Health Sciences)

Silver: PRA Health Sciences & Sanofi

Melissa Carbon (PRA Health Sciences), Dan Grant (PRA Health Sciences), Tim Saxton (PRA Health Sciences), Glenn Frisch (Sanofi), Greg Livermore (Sanofi)

Company Team

Winner: PRA Health Sciences (Jo-Zahn Baxter, Jeff Janotka, Valerie Kerr, LaTheena Thomas, Jennifer Vance)

Silver: PRA Health Sciences (Stephanie Gonzalez, Tricia Hoyle, Adrianne Neighbors, Sara Shoop)

Bronze: Chiltern International (Janet Combs, Blaike Danko, Rebecca Lothery, Melanie Myers, Carly Repass, Tanya Richardson)

Clinical Research Company of the Year

PRA Health Sciences