Last night the annual awards ceremony for the Marketer of the Year, Communications Team of the Year & Sales competitions took place at the gorgeous Chelsea Harbour Hotel.

The winners across all of the individual and team categories in these fiercely contested competitions were announced, and the awards ceremony truly showed off the high level of talent that this industry has to offer.

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Click here to see the Communications Team of the Year results.

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Dr Zoe Williams from This Morning did a fantastic job of hosting the event, and was ably assisted by “Voice of the Balls” Alan Dedicoat, who revealed the talented individuals and teams who took part in the competitions as well the judges for each category.

The evening kicked off with Dr Zoe unveiling the winners from each of the Sales Awards categories – which were represented by Sobi, Kyowa Kirin, Star and A Menarini. As a special bonus for our winners, the positive feedback that we received from their HCP’s was relayed to the winners before they were crowned, which greater amplified and rewarded their superb achievements.

Anna Munroe of Star, who bagged the Primary Care Sales Professional of the Year trophy said “It means a lot to me to win the pharma, it was really nice even to be nominated to compete!”

She went on to say that it was a “tricky experience as the process was difficult, but I really, really enjoyed it. It really motivated me to think outside the square, and to push myself that little bit further. I would definitely recommend the competition to other people – I already have!”

Up next in the evenings proceedings were the results of the 2019 Marketer of the Year competition, which once again saw an overall increase in entry numbers over 2018 - another fantastic year for this long-standing competition.

There were winners from Leo Pharma, Takeda, Sanofi, AbbVie, and Besper Solutions LTD across the hard-fought categories. AbbVie’s Victoria Black took home the Marketer of the Year award, saying “It means so much to me to have won this award, because I feel like it’s given me additional confidence and belief in myself.”

She went on to recommend the competition to other marketers thinking about entering, because “it gives you a really good opportunity to benchmark yourself against others in the industry, but it also pushes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to challenge yourself. Also, the feedback you get as part of the process allows you to work on your development and identify the gaps you need to work on going forward in your career.”

It was a particularly successful night for AbbVie, who won the coveted ‘Company of the Year’ award for their cumulative efforts throughout the competition – a very well done to them!

Lastly, it was the results of the 2019 Communications Team of the Year competition, which saw Publicis Resolute win both of the individual categories! This being the Aspiring Communications Manager of the Year and the brand new Communications Manager of the Year – a great effort from them!

The Team awards went to Hanover and Makara, with Emotive winning the Charity Challenge.

Hanover’s Emma Gorton said that the team were “super proud to have won”, hailing the whole process as “a really good insight in to how things work” and a “realistic test of what you can achieve in a limited amount of time.”

This year’s Charity Challenge partnered with Autistica, and saw the teams respond directly to a brief crafted by this excellent charity. The teams’ actions were all extremely positive as they were given the chance to actively help towards the charities work.

PharmaTimes would like to thank the sponsors for their support, commitment, and generosity as well as all the judges and steering group committees for their help and dedication to the competitions – and not to forget the finalists and winners for their continued efforts and tenacity.

Next year's competitions are being developed now - so if you or your company would like to get involved please contact Anna Yeardley or Luci Sargood for more information.