Within3 has announced the launch of an insight management platform in a bid to help life sciences companies address the insights gap at ‘every stage of the product development lifecycle’.

The platform – Within3 Select, Connect and Discover – combines insights collected from each phase of the product life cycle to identify the ‘right people, engage them and deliver answers’.

Each aspect deals with different areas to address the insights gap – Within3 Select identifies the ‘right’ people (such as physicians, patients, stakeholders, key industry leaders and associated experts) for the ‘right problem at the right time’.

Meanwhile, Within3 Connect is a hybrid communication platform that allows stakeholders to engage from any connected device, allowing pharma, life sciences and medtech companies to engage with participants.

Finally, Within3 Discover uses proprietary AI-powered natural language processing to enable life sciences companies to understand key concepts, scientific trend and sentiments. It is designed to consolidate insights collected 'across the enterprise' into one location.

“As it stands today, the process of gathering insights, let alone the right ones, can take months. In that time a great deal can happen to compromise the information obtained, making it outdated or obsolete and driving up cost with each iteration,” said Lance Hill, CEO of Within3.

“With multiple systems from different vendors in each phase of the process, teams are faced with inconsistent outcomes, and ultimately, very isolated execution tactics as opposed to a cohesive strategy," he added.