Market Access Lead of the Year

Entry Guidelines and Judging Criteria


The market access definition used here, is the discipline and element of a brand strategy that facilitates access of optimal treatment for patients within the UK healthcare system. The definition of a Market Access / Patient Access Account Manager is one where you will be responsible for executing the brand(s) market access strategy at a local, regional, or national level. A clear understanding of the of the patient accessed clinical service, funding, commissioning and reimbursement environment will be required.


For any local, regional or national Market Access / Patient Access Account Manager with responsibility for market access implementation, typically interacting with multiple stakeholders such as national, regional and local influencer/guidance bodies, policy makers, payors and relevant providers of the services that manage a patients’ condition.


Finalists will be invited to take part in category-specific case-study challenges developed by an independent expert panel as well as NHS knowledge tests.

Finalists will be presented with the challenge on arrival at the final’s day and given a set period for preparation (usually 1 hour), before delivering your response to a judging panel of senior leaders in pharma.


  • Specific scoring criteria will be developed alongside each year’s unique case-study / challenge. But all finalists should bear in mind the following points for this category:

    Comprehending and understanding the challenge:

    Finalists should demonstrate an understanding of the case study and the challenges faced.

    Customer networking, understanding and relationship management:

    Finalists should demonstrate a passion for exceeding their customer’s needs. This will typically include evidence of deep and broad understanding of the increasingly complex and changing NHS environment and establishing productive relationships & partnerships with key customers, organisations and networks. To be able to demonstrate their highly sophisticated and extensive networking skills across this complex NHS landscape to achieve their own and their customers goals.

    Effective communication and teamwork within your own organisation:

    Finalists should demonstrate superior communication skills and understand the need for working closely with colleagues to achieve commercial goals. Additionally, finalists should excel at utilising available resources to help achieve customer and company goals.

    Business analysis & business planning:

    Finalists should demonstrate competence at gaining market intelligence and analysing data to support plans that develop their business and achieve company goals. Further, to highlight how such plans, at an account level, align (or not) with those of their customers and end user patients.

    Utilising appropriate communication channels in the sales process:

    Finalists should demonstrate understanding of and competence with the various communication channels available to them. This may include face to face opportunities as well as the increasingly prevalent use of digital resources and services. They will be able to demonstrate strong selling and negotiation skills across all potential sales channels with the emotional intelligence to effectively operate, sell and gain consensus across all levels of clinical and commercially focused NHS customers.


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