So, you’re considering entering the Patient Partnership Index? Here's our guide to writing a winning entry for the Patient Partnership Index

Now entering its third year, the Patient Partnership Index is a ground-breaking initiative, developed by health communications agency OVID Health, in partnership with the Pharma Times, that celebrates innovative partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and patients.

Over the last two years, our judges have seen a range of entries from a variety of companies that have helped set, define, and raise the bar for patient partnerships in the UK and abroad. You may already have a project in mind where you feel your work with patient groups has gone above and beyond. Why not go for Gold?

Previous Gold and Silver entries have not only carried out innovative partnerships with patient organisations but have also presented their work as an outstanding entry. So, what tips can I share to help your entry stand out from the crowd?

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What genuine need have we addressed for patients?

    Amicus Therapeutics and the Fabry International Network’s Silver entry in 2021 detailed their work to organise the Global Fabry Patient Leader roundtable. This roundtable brought together leaders from more than 16 countries, who later signed a patient letter to ask clinical expert centres to provide continuous access to care for Fabry patients throughout the pandemic.

  2. Did our project have an authentic voice?

    A Gold entry from Gilead in 2021 showcased the voices of those diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis through prioritising diversity in their project. The company identified real life impact rooted in the lack of diverse representation and how it affected the patient population.

  3. How was our success measured?

    Sanofi’s 2020 Gold standard entry showed regular assessments of their work with patient groups. Annual surveys were conducted to identify areas for growth and the success of their projects.

  4. Who led this project internally, and did our project receive buy-in at all levels of the company?

    Pfizer’s Gold standard entry for 2020 showed patient partnerships were embedded at all levels in the company. Senior leadership from the Global Chief Patient Officer and patient voices rooted throughout the organisation demonstrated continued commitment and buy-in across the company.

  5. Showcase your work against our Index’ ‘best practice’ themes

The final step is to ensure you showcase the six key themes that we believe form the framework of excellent patient partnerships. Gold standard partnerships consistently show these themes throughout their entries:

- Company-wide engagement with the patient partnership

- Co-creation between your team and your patient partner at all stages of the project

- Transparency and exchange of information and expertise between your team and your patient partners

- Empowerment of your patient partner throughout the partnership process

- Innovation in your approach to your partnership

- Measuring the impact of the partnership on patients and ensuring that your activities are clearly evidenced.

For further information on what to highlight in your submission, we would recommend checking out the Patient Partnership Index’s previous Insight reports for 2020 and 2021 which can be found on the Patient Partnership Index website.