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Thumbnail image for SmartPeople: James Merson

SmartPeople: James Merson

James Merson, global therapeutic area head for Infectious Diseases at Janssen Research & Development, believes that through continued advancements in science “we can change the trajectory of health for humanity and strive to make infectious diseases an issue of the past”

Thumbnail image for Company Focus: MedPharm

Company Focus: MedPharm

Jeremy Drummond, senior vice president of Business Development at MedPharm, on the challenges and opportunities of topical delivery

Thumbnail image for Connected labelling  - the final frontier?

Connected labelling - the final frontier?

However much progress life sciences companies have made in bringing their regulatory information under control, labelling management continues to overshadow these accomplishments. Too often labelling is disconnected from other systems, forcing heavy reliance on manual processes and checks which in turn can cause hold-ups and create an undesirable source of risk, especially across country borders. Agnes Cwienczek delves deeper into the issues and potential remedies

Thumbnail image for The modern marketing maze

The modern marketing maze

Marketing in our industry is not for the faint-hearted, although it is an area where dynamic teams can discover communicative muscles they never knew they had. As digital possibilities emerge at pace, the modern marketing maze offers exciting opportunities, but identifying them amid regulation and digital domination presents a formidable set of challenges. Challenges which, curiously, many relish...

Thumbnail image for The promised land?

The promised land?

Brexit was supposed to be an opportunity for the UK to strike trade deals outside the EU, but the going is tough

Thumbnail image for A true partnership

A true partnership

Michael Goetzl says it’s time for industry to work in true partnership with health systems “at every step of the way” to speed up access to innovation

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